Well, the 2006 season has been over for a couple of months. During the season I jumped 12'+ on 21 occasions (compared to three last year) with a best of 12' 6" and got 3rd at USATF National Masters in Charlotte. Kris and I have been planning next year since mid June with some pretty major goals. I think 2005 was a good "Comeback Year" and the focus for 2006 was to get in much better vault shape. For the most part I'm pleased with the slow but sure progress but I need another level change for 2007. The focus will be to get stronger and faster while working technically to jump higher above my handgrip with the goal to get back over 4m (13' 1 1/2") consistently next year. In 2008 I turn 55 so we're sure that will be a big year for changing physical levels again. So I guess this page will evolve so I can look back and remember that in 2005 I started every meet at 10' and was just happy to be able to jump. Just goes to show that it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many you get back up. I'm very grateful and appreciative of the friends and supporters I've met since "starting over". Thank you so much and all the best to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time with any questions or suggestions. As I tell my healthcare clients, "I know nothing but WE know everything". Bubba
USATF Southern US Indoor
USATF Indoor Nationals - Boston

COMEBACK - 2005 - Age 52

With my coach Kris Allison of Lone Star PV

@ Texas Senior Games

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2007 Meets Above

Well, it wasn't beautiful but I came back from Hawaii and USATF National Masters with the bronze medal and then won the Texas Senior Games in Austin. It’s been a long and productive year. A year I thought I would never get again. Briefly, here's the story of the first year of my "Comeback". After four years off the circuit because of two Achilles surgeries and a very dangerous internal infection a year after the last one, I was happy to still have the bottom half of my left leg and had resigned myself to lifting and biking. After a year of that type of life, and in excellent shape, I added grass strides two days a week and to my surprise, my leg and Achilles somehow appeared bullet proof. In January of this year (2005) I went to a friend's house and attempted to vault for the first time. I made 8' and a couple of weeks later made 9' and pronounced myself a vaulter again. Not fit for public consumption, I kept after the backyard scene and finally entered a meet, almost four years to the day since my last one. I won the Houston Regional Senior Olympics, qualified for state and decided to enter USA Track & Field Masters Nationals in Hawaii. I went on to jump 3.75m (12' 3 1/2") this year with a lot of glaring deficiencies that I will address for next season. Here are a few movie and photo shots of the year as it went. Some higher jumps were just too ugly to capture. Also I have no video from the Maine State Games. That was cool to jump in Maine and then Hawaii only six weeks apart for the widest distance traveled for a US meet. Thanks for your interest and support! Bubba

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